FMF provides a comprehensive support to girls from the start of their secondary school education throughout college and beyond. Our support includes school fees, uniforms, school supplies, and sanitary protection. Here are FMF sponsored girls around the country.

Consolata Yohana
AGE: 14
Form II - Science
Agnes Igobela
AGE: 14
Form II - Science
Hawa Chia
AGE: 17
Form III - Science
Anastazia Mahewa
AGE: 14
Form II - Science
Angela Maganga
AGE: 15
Form II - Science
Amina Mpomele
AGE: 16
Form III - Science
Judith Rwechungura
AGE: 15
Form III - Science
Catherine Malandu
AGE: 15
Form III - Science
Antonia Mpangala
AGE: 21 - Diploma in Clinical Nursing and Public Health
Zuhura Maalim
AGE: 20
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Monica Masoyi
AGE: 20 - Bsc. in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Loveness Mlacha
AGE: 22
Bsc. in Civil Engineering
Loema Sanzu
AGE: 21
Bachelor of Science in Physics
Flora Malaba
AGE: 24 - BA in History and Political Science
Ilham Mohamed
AGE: 19
Form VI - Science
Cesilia Haule
AGE: 21 - Bachelor of Education in Adult with Community Development
Nyamizi Mashema
AGE: 23
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
Alikanjera John
AGE: 20
Bsc. Mining Engineering
Adelaida Wangi
Age: 21
Diploma in Clinical Medicine
Hadija Akindi
AGE: 21
Bachelor Of Commerce in Finance
Suzana Nicolaus
AGE: 23
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Tatu Yasin
Age: 14
Form I - Science
Zaituni Abdallah
Lilian Kimbu
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