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There are so many ways for you to change a girl's life in Tanzania, from telling your networks about us to hosting events to benefit FMF.

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Support a Girl

Join FMF to help a girl getting the education she deserves.You can sponsor one of our girls; paying for her school fees, school supplies, uniform, and personal belongings.





Donate Your Birthday

Make your birthday extra special by celebrating for a great cause by raising funds on your Facebook page for FMF Scholars. Ask your friends to donate to FMF as their birthday present to you.


Host an Event

You can set up a fundraising campaign/event to benefit FMF. Here are few examples:

  • Book club

  • Movie date with friends

  • Tea, dinner or cocktail party

  • Concerts or sports competition


We can provide promotion materials where necessary.

Volunteer Your Time

You can support FMF by volunteering your time and expertise. We welcome all kinds of help. Kindly

email us at

Spread the Word

We are a very young organization. The more people know about us the more we grow and be able to help more girls. Please spread the word by liking our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, subscribe on our newsletter, and join our YouTube channel.



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