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FMF Stationery Project Launch - Press Release

Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF) is a non-governmental, not for profit organization working to inspire, empower and support young girls in Tanzania by aiding them to utilize their full potential through educating them. To achieve its objectives, FMF sponsor needy girls in different levels of education by paying their school fees, supplying them with school uniforms and provide the needed support for them to go from primary to secondary school; and ultimately join higher learning institutions for further studies.

Among the objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To support the increase of the number of girls obtaining formal education at different levels.

  • To promote poverty reduction in Tanzania through innovative educational projects and programs.

  • To inspire girls to go for higher education and vocational training.

  • To support women through micro financing in entrepreneurial activities.

  • To achieve these objectives FMF is launching a “FMF Stationeries Project” in Tanzania.

The project encompasses selling and distribution of students materials (pen, pencils, exercise books, rulers, erasers, mathematical sets) to corporations, different institutions, and Tanzanians at large. The revenue from the project shall be used to pay school fees and other costs associated with provision of quality education to girls under Flaviana Matata Foundation. The income will also be used in executing development project in line with the objectives of FMF.

For the official launch of the project, FMF selected to visit Minazini Primary School located in Mwananyamala, Kinondoni Dar Es Salaam and donate exercise books, pens and pencils for students as a sign of the project commencement. FMF believe that this is one way of reaching out to Tanzanians to pledge their support towards the improvement of the quality of education in the country. During the launch the Founder of FMF Ms. Flaviana Matata accompanied by renowned musicians and other respectable celebrities who are role models to youths in Tanzania will visit the school. The goal of this launch is to inspire youths in Tanzania to volunteer in activities related to improvement of the quality of education and poverty eradication.

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