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Tanzania Red Ribbon Fashion Gala - 2012

World AIDS Day has been observed on the 1st of December every year since 2007 and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV/AIDS and remember that there are still many challenges we have to face in the fight to achieve an HIV free world but also realize that these challenges can be overcome.

Each year the Tanzania Mitindo House (TMH), in collaboration with the Flaviana Matata Foundation (FMF), organizes an annual charity fashion Gala dubbed “Tanzania Red Ribbon Fashion Gala” through its ‘Tanzanian Designs for Life’ campaign focusing mainly on HIV/AIDS infected orphans. Model Flaviana Matata, the founder of the Flaviana Matata Foundation is the Good Will Ambassador for TMH. Through their brilliant hard work and the support of various corporate sponsors, private companies and individuals they have been able to establish an orphanage that has become a home to 10 orphaned kids living with the HI-Virus; and a training center that focuses on teaching different fashion and design skills to orphaned teenagers from different orphanages in Dar Es Salaam.

Taking care of children living with the HIV/AIDS and seeing how their lives are transformed daily for the better is great reminder to us all about the reality of HIV but also that one may still live a full life even after infection. HIV/AIDS is preventable and each and every one of us has a part to play in ensuring an HIV free generation. Since its inception in 2007, World AIDS day has become a very significant date for the Tanzania Mitindo House; on this day we renew our pledge to get the Fashion Industry to support the fight against HIV and AIDS. Flaviana Matata, the Good Will Ambassador for TMH; has been working with the orphanage for quite some time. Her foundation, the Flaviana Matata Foundation has been working in collaboration with the TMH on the “Red Ribbon Gala” events.

This year TMH celebrates its 5th anniversary, in which time TMH with the help of the Flaviana Matata Foundation has been able to:

  • Establish a home housing 10 HIV infected children in Magomeni.

  • Build a play center in Kigamboni for orphaned children.

  • Purchased a van for the home.

  • Open an office for TMH and a training Center for teenage orphans in the Msasani Area.

Tanzania Mitindo House and Flaviana Matata Foundation would like to thank all the supporters, corporate sponsors, private companies and individuals that have and continue to support us, our special thanks go out to our local sponsors REDD’S, BELVEDERE RED VODKA, MOROGORO POLYTEX, AZANIA BANK LTD, I-VIEW MEDIA, CFAO MOTORS and ERNST&YOUNG. Also, International Supporters for three years now, Mr Russell Simmons and Sherri Hill. The items donated by Russell Simmons raised 11 Million Tanzanian Shillings. New York designer Sherri Hill Dresses were auctioned and raised a total amount of 8.5 Million Tanzanian Shillings. A total amount of 72 Million shillings was raised through the Fifth Annual Tanzania Red Ribbon Fashion Gala 2012.

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